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Deceptive Dealings 

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We are a group of guys, who are getting old, have kids, and can’t let go of the amazing games we used to play.  Join us as we sift through the mountain of old games and see what is worth it, and what is just plain garbage!

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Hello! Hello! My friends! This is going to be a long post, so thank you for hanging in there. Seems the world has been thrown into a very unique and serious situation. We are all doing our part and keeping ourselves isolated, for us gamers as tons of memes demonstrate is perfectly OK with us. For those of us struggling with work, my heart goes out to you. It must be tough. I have been radio-silent on the social media and podcasting, because this situation requires me to spend most of my time tending to the kids and making sure we are all set up to deal with the road ahead. I think we have gotten to somewhat of a new norm, so I can swing my attention partially back to what I love, and that is all of you and the podcast. I know I am over a month late (we recorded in late Feb) but I will catch up. The next recording session is going to be TBD, because the sound quality is garbage over skype and other programs. I will work to stream more frequently and stay in touch as much as circumstances allow. For our supporters thank you for your continued commitment to us! Here is looking for things to get back to normal soon, or something close to it anyway! #jpsrgn ... See MoreSee Less

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Well, got a chance to try my much anticipated @crystalheadvodka I am so very pleased with it! It is so smooth and easy, I never drink vodka straight, but with just a pinch of fresh squeezed OJ it is delicious. They did not let me down! Sooo good! ... See MoreSee Less

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